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JD (18) Muench’s Materas Nordic Soul, I believe this exhibitor hails from Germany & the kennel scored a few success here, all handled by different people. A really good example of the breed. I loved his head shape, deep stop, such a good muzzle & nose, correct mouth & clean in cheek. He was shown in beautiful body, coat gleaming & he is so well muscled in hams. Pretty compact, level back & he went around the ring with a real purpose;

B (15,2) 1 Muench’s Ger/CBD/Lux Ch Hessenvilla’s O Sole Mio, RCC, such a fleet footed brindle of much charm & sheer breed type as I see it. Her head is quite lovely, unexaggerated, square in skull, so clean in cheek, well weight muzzle & excellent nose. Her dark eyes are full of fire, the ears well carried & her body shape is excellent. She has good shoulders, really good bend of stifle & she motored around the ring with real purpose.

3 Muench’s Ger/CBD/Lux Ch Hessenvilla’s Love Me Tender, classically marked & very glamorous bitch of super breed type. She is a good size, is so athletic in construction, is well muscled, in spanking bloom & she moved around the ring with vim & vigour in her stride. Her skull, eyes & ears are all I would seek, but I felt the two lovely bitches I out over her just had that extra width in muzzle.

2 Bengtsen’s Hessenvilla Olivia Newton for West, another really smart example of the breed. I liked most things, especially her head shape, great muzzle width & depth & correct eye size, shape & colour. In good body & quite sound on the move, I felt in repose that she was a fraction short in leg length for her ribbing. Another whose jacket shone brightly;