Our puppy care

We breed out of love for the breed and put a lot of thought into each single mating in advance. A high standard, health and vitality of the Boston Terrier is crucial for us. Each litter has its own background for us. We do not mate a bitch with the intention to sell all puppies immediately and exclusively.

Our puppies grow up sheltered in the heart of the family, are raised in our pack (not only consisting of Boston Terriers) after 4 weeks, where they learn important things for their future social behaviour. The dog toilet is another major part of our breeding work, so it becomes easier for the puppy’s future owner to housebreak the dog at home, as it has learned from day one not to do its business all over the apartment.

Starting from the 6th week, our puppies learn to ride in the car; they become acquainted with the collar and their environment. The contact with children is now also intensified and the puppies get to know kids of different ages. Now visitors can also meet the little ones.

We often receive pre-orders for very specific matings, so we recommend contacting us early if you are interested in a little HessenVilla Stern.

In the summer, our little ones can play and swim all day long on a lawn area of almost 1200 square meters. In the winter, playing outside is dependent on the weather and is limited in time. Each of our puppies is unique to us and is a loving creature that we raise with the best of our knowledge and conscience. We only choose the best possible and suitable families for our little ones.