My Story

We grew up with a huge love for dogs in our lives. Dogs of different breeds and sizes have always been present, either from friends, family or acquaintances!

Live your passion

Already from an early age, I, Corina Muench was introduced to the topic of breeding dogs, exhibitions and sports since my grandmother and dad worked as a long-time successful VDH Poodle and Deutscher Schäferhund breeders. At the time the dogs that were at exhibitions and show handling inspired me at my young age. Dog breeding has always been the main topic in my family. My grandmother was a great breeder so I learned a lot of tricks as a kid and especially how to patiently and professionally take care of the birthing period.

My father was very experienced dog breeder and he paid attention to the health and beauty of animals. He taught me that breeding does not simply encompass the mating process and a short-term care of puppies with the intent to sell them as quickly as possible. Breeding is a passion that we should feel and live. A passion and a goal to live to have fun for a long time.

Dog breeding and training with them is a broad theme. You can only achieve success if you are passionate about it, and if you are consistent you may achieve some personal goals.

In 1993 I became a breeder myself and started to deal with dog sports and their performances. When I was 22 I founded my first kennel in VDH / FCI. It has been a long time since then but I am still learning and my passion is as strong as ever. Dogs are an essential part of my life and that of my family. Our dogs live with us and are full members of the family. I have been a VDH / FCI judge for the Boston terrier breed and also a Pug and Great Dane trainer which I have done successfully. Today I am a national and international volunteer of VDH / FCI special breeders of these species. I am currently perfecting my knowledge in other interesting breeds because cynology fascinates me so much.

Boston Terrier and children

Since 2016, we use dogs from our breed for children with developmental difficulties as therapy dogs for children in the Wetterau district. It is wonderful to see what joy and how much empathy our little friends awake in the children. Every smile is a success and speaks more than a thousand words.

We do not participate in so-called groups on social networks or forums because we prefer to talk personally and meet each other. Thanks for visiting our website; we hope you will enjoy browsing and informing yourself about the Boston terrier breed.

With love, Corina Muench and family


Boston Terrier (Praxiswissen Hund)

We recommend this book about the breed Boston Terrier. In this book, you will find HessenVilla’s little stars and breeders. It is the best book currently on the German market.


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