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World Dog Show Amsterdam

World Dog Show Amsterdam

World Dogshow Amsterdam 2018
Judge: Arne Foss (Norway)

153 Boston Terriers from around the world ? We were there and we are happy about the success ?? ??

Junior Boys (21)
➤JCh. HessenVilla’s Christoph Columbus
?️ Excellent

Intermedia Class (9)
➤MJCh Freestyle in Pink Sky by HessenVilla N Secutor aka Jazz
?️ Excellent 2

Well done Tine Grote ❤️

Open Class (8)
➤MJCh Kennedy’s N Sidestreets’s Flashdance by HessenVilla
?️ Excellent 3

Puppy bitches (11)
➤HessenVilla’s Exclusive Style A Rosso Leone
?️ Promising 2

Great Diana Pignataro Rossoleone ❤️

➤HessenVilla’s Demi Moore
?️ Promising

Super Suzan Schepers ❤️

Junior bitches
➤HessenVilla’s Chicka Boom Pandora’s
?️ Excellent

Great Tine ❤️

Open bitches
➤JCh KS18 HessenVilla’s Amarena Wild Rockcherry
?️ Excellent

It was a great weekend with you all ❤️??
See you soon and have a nice holiday!! ??